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The Secret Brain Reset for Children Teens and Adults with Reading, Learning and Behaviour problems

Change the way you learn and enhance your skills

The power of Zing lies in recent discoveries about part of the brain, the cerebellum. Sometimes known as “the brain’s brain”, it is a small yet major brain region, at only 10% of the brain’s volume it holds 75% of the total neurons.

It is responsible for the automation of fundamental skills.


These skills include those needed for reading, writing, listening, spatial awareness, language skills and social interaction. When these skills are not fully developed many everyday tasks become slower and harder to complete.

Is your child finding school a struggle? Perhaps they..... 

  • Are falling behind with reading, writing and spelling?

  • Don't enjoy school, hate doing homework and studying?

  • Are struggling with sports, hand-eye coordination and team mentality?

  • Have poor memory and find it difficult to recall events or recent learning?

  • Have a short attention span, lack focus and concentration?

  • Feel clumsy and uncoordinated, regularly drop and bump into things?

If this sounds familiar, then ZING may be able to help. Zing is our Affordable, Portable Programme costs as little as AED723 per month.

Distance Learning
Image by Jason Goodman

The Zing programme is delivered on your PC, tablet or a smart-phone so the exercises can easily be carried out at home or even school (subject to school support).


It is also portable and you can take it on holiday too. Each month, progress is tracked through a simple 20 min assessment followed by feedback from your dedicated coach.

Zing takes just 10 minutes – twice a day

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