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Zing Performance: A Unique Programme 
Developing Brain Skills 

 Unlocks the potential in the brain.

Unleash the power of "the brain's brain"

The power of Zing lies in recent discoveries about a part of the brain known as the cerebellum. Sometimes known as “the brain’s brain”, it is a small yet major brain region, at only 10% of the brain’s volume it holds 75% of the total neurons.

It is responsible for the automation of fundamental skills. These skills include those needed for reading, writing, listening, spatial awareness, language skills and social interaction. When these skills are not fully developed many everyday tasks become slower and harder to complete.

The Science Explained

Continuing to challenge, evolve & grow your brain

The Cerebellum begins to develop as soon as we are born. By continuously challenging the cerebellum through learning and physical activity, it continues to evolve and grow and tries to convert what we learn into automatic skill.

Some find that even though they repeatedly practice a new activity, they cannot convert it into an automatic skill. They’ve hit a glass ceiling. The cerebellum isn’t working to its optimal performance.

What Zing Does

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With ongoing research and development, the backing of an expert panel, and a friendly learning support team, Zing Performance offers an innovative solution to enhance cognitive performance and increase the brain’s functionality to help everyone love learning.

Eliminate ADHD
​​Improve Emotional Regulation
Accelerate Reading Skills
Heal Anxiety

Get Access to the 90 Day Programme

AED 1824.00
GBP 400.00 
USD 497.00

Full Money Back Guarantee

  • Access to daily 10 minute exercises

  •  Weekly summary report

  •  Cognitive assessment every 30 days

  •  Monthly report on performance

  • 12 Coaching Sessions

  •  Access to brain games app

  •  UK & US based support team

  •  Available on mobile / tablet / PC

  •  Optional access in the future for a low monthly cost

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