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Upgrading the Brain - Zing Changes Lives

From young students to elite athletes we share 4 remarkable stories on how the Zing Program app can help change people’s lives.


After 5 months my manager could see a huge transformation with my concentration and confidence. I found an increased ability to perform calmly under pressure.

FRANCIS WHITTINGTON, PROFESSIONAL EVENT RIDER Being introduced to Zing was one of the best aspects of my career. Last season, having done Zing throughout the winter, I had my best year ever to the extent I became British National Champion. APRIL VARNEY, BRITISH PGA GOLF PROFESSIONAL I completed Zing when I was first starting out and my handicap went from 24 to 7 in three months! Since then I’ve gone from strength to strength. MARK MCGEEHAN, PGA AA qualified TG top 50 performance coach I soon felt I had a much calmer head and became more confident in myself. All parts of my life started to take shape in a more positive way. My cricket began to improve again, I was far more relaxed and focused and felt I was in a better mental place to succeed.

*Above results are not necessarily typical and due to the individualised nature of the program your experience may differ. See



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