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Helping Athletes be at their Best and to Discover their True Potential

What Does Zing Do For Athletes?

Are you being held back from reaching your goals? Zing is designed to naturally improve your performance by developing core cognitive skills so you compete at your best.

How Zing Sport Can Help Athletes in all Sports

When you’re already maxing out your training and pushing your body and mind to the limits, this final limitation can be a game-changer. It can strip away your confidence and your self-belief.


However, there is a way to naturally improve your performance by developing the physical and cognitive skills that you need to have a sharper impact in your sport.

What does Zing do for Athletes?

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Why Zing Sport is so important

The cerebellum and sporting skills by Dr Roy Rutherford (part 10)

Dr Roy Rutherford - Why special exercises are needed to stimulate the cerebellum (part 8)

Raise your game with cutting edge neuroscience

How Does Zing Help Your Game?

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Having a higher performing cerebellum means a reduction on the attention load of the ‘thinking’ brain (the larger part of the brain), allowing longer periods of focused attention.

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Eye Tracking

Precision eye-tracking skills boost performance giving you the edge over competitors. Eye-tracking at its best makes a significant difference between winning and losing. he Zing eye-tracking evaluation shows you to what extent skill limitations are affecting your game and how this could be transformed.

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Co-ordination & Balance

As an athlete, these are likely to be your strengths. However, there is always room for improvement. The more automatic and precise you can get your movement, agility and strengths to be, the easier you’ll find it to succeed.

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Decision Making

The more automatic your ability to perform skills, the less overloaded your working memory, and therefore the decision-making processes are free to work faster and more accurately.

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Emotional Control

Do your emotions get in the way of your success? If emotions cause you to ‘choke’ at critical moments, then Zing Performance can help your brain to hardwire the automatic skill of emotional control so you can handle pivotal moments with calmness, clarity, and focus.

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Performance Under Pressure

Your performance relies on you feeling cool, calm and collected during your sport. If self-confidence worries take effect, then it can throw you off your game. Don’t let your mind be your competitor, believe in yourself, your abilities and ensure there is no room for doubt. Again, you can achieve this neurological change through Zing Performance Sport.

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With more ‘working memory’ available in the brain you will have more control over your emotions, levels of aggression and focus, thus making it less likely that you will make ill-advised decisions or actions on the course.

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Mental Endurance

To be at your best, you need mental strength, endurance, and energy. If your performance falters with mental fatigue, then rewiring your thought patterns and learning to put less pressure on the cerebellum can help to free up the brain’s capacity so that you stay alert.

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We want to see you at your best. The Zing Sport program helps you get there by making your athletic skills as automatic as possible. The quicker the mental process is, the more consistent you can be, and the better you can perform.

On a Run

When the Cerebellum is Working Well...


  • Skills become hard-wired for consistent performance

  • Accurate Eye Tracking

  • Fully Integrated Senses

  • Rapid New Skill Development

  • Quiet Mind

  • Precision Coordination, Balance and Control

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