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Unleash your Child's Potential
Springboard to Success

4 Month Parent and Child


Skills Development Programme

Coaching/Support Programme for Parents 

Brain Skills Development Programme for Children

aged 7 - 12


Learn about the groundbreaking and unique 

Zing Performance - Learning Skills Development Programme 


Unleash Your Child's Potential

Change the way your child learns by enhancing, developing and supporting learning skills.

Join the 4 month Introductory Coaching and Learning Skills Development Programme   



This programme is

Ground breaking




The skills development programme is endorsed and supported by:

Dr. Daniel Amen

Psychiatrist and Brain Health Expert

Dr. Ned Hallowell

Expert in  ADHD.  

Joining the programme entitles you to 

  • 3 Month Trial of the Zing Skills Development Programme at a special introductory price

  • 10 Parent Coaching/Support Sessions

  • Master Classes TBC

  • Mindful Parenting/Self Care Programme 

  • Special Guest Speakers (meet the UK Gymnast whose life was transformed by the programme)

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Free ebook - Struggling in School

  • Community of other parents

Does your child struggle with......?

  • Reading and Comprehansion

  • Emotional Control

  • Lack of Consistency

  • Poor Focus/Concentration

  • Poor Spelling

  • Short Term Memory

I am a parent too.....

'I have been parenting for 35 years, and understand the challenges faced by parents of children that struggle at  school/are neurodivergent.  The toll it can take on the child and the whole family can be devastating'.


Programme Outline


Registration and payment by Dec 15th

Month 1 - The Mainspring - Onboarding Parents 
Month 2 - Stepping On - Child Begins Programme
Month 3 - Stepping Forward - Tracking ProgressMonth 4 - Stepping Up - Review -  What's Next?

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Unleash Your Child's Potential

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Unleashing Your Child's Potential