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Wynford Dore and Timothy J. Hayes, Psy. D

Children's Mental Health and the Secret Brain Reset

We don’t talk enough about children’s mental health but it’s something that we should have more awareness about if we want to help children with learning and behavioral problems. In this episode, Wynford takes us into Zing Performance’s mission to deliver life-changing transformations in learning and development to as many people as possible through science-backed tools, programs, and services. Wynford explains how his signature program has helped children with learning and behavioral problems reset their brains and perform better in all aspects of life.

Wynford Dore and Dr. Mackenzie McNamara

Neuro-Plasticity & the Cerebellum with Wynford Dore

What you 'need to know' about the cerebellum and health — One entrepreneur takes a life-or-death situation, discovers life-changing research – and finds an applied, at-home, SOLUTION for his daughter and children and adults everywhere.

Wynford Dore and Dr. Ned Hallowel

Improve Your Reading and Attention Skills by Strengthening Your Cerebellum

Wynford joins Dr Hallowell for a follow up discussion about his breakthrough non-medication treatment for ADHD, dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions. They discuss how and why strengthening your cerebellum creates lifelong and lasting improvements in a person’s focus, attention, reading and organizational skills, regardless of age.

Wynford Dore and Dr. Amen

How To Help Your Kids Develop Their Brains Properly

This episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast features information, tips, and how to’s on the cerebellum, learning disabilities, and vestibular stimulation.

Wynford Dore and Dr. Loretta Breuning

Your Cerebellum Could Change Your Life

Wynford Dore talks to Dr. Loretta Breuning, about how your cerebellum can change your life and how the brain chemicals dopamine's, serotonin, and and oxytocin, affect the brain. Dr. Breuning is founder of the Inner Mammal Institute and best-selling author of The Science of Positivity and The Habits of a Happy Brain.

Wynford and Dr. Albert Mensah

The Zing Performance Program

Dr Mensah talks about the impact of the Zing Performance Program and the effect it can have on parents and children’s lives.



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