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Struggling with Ball Sports, Hand Eye Coordination or, to Read & Learn because of Poor Eye Tracking?

Get to the root cause of reading challenges

Many adults and children who struggle to read, really have poor eye tracking and may have been misdiagnosed with another condition. Contact us to find out how to access our eye tracking test to understand what may be at the root cause of yours or your child's reading challenges.

Eye Tracking Explained

What Poor Eye Tracking Can Affect 


Difficulties tracking can make you much slower and less fluent, making processing and retaining information when reading, difficult.

Concentration & Studying

Constantly having to re-read things so that your brain can process them better is tiring and affects focus and concentration.

3 Easy Steps

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1) Talk to Us

Schedule a call with us to ensure that the assessment is suitable, and we can then talk you through the next steps.

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2) Support on Hand

We are with you all the way from over the phone technical support to FAQs and Instructional videos. The technology is user friendly.

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3) Take the Assessment

After the 12 moin assessments, you will know the root cause of any issues and we will take you through the results in detail. We will also provide you with a detailed 6 page report and videos which show you exactly how the eyes move during reading.


With poor eye tracking the reader sees the letters in a scrambled way so learning to spell is really difficult.

Sporting Ability

Essential for precision hand-eye coordination, an athlete's focus, trajectory estimations, and many other key elements during a match.

Your Eye Tracking Assessment

This 12-minute assessment will answer so many questions about your eye tracking, including: co-ordination of both eyes, response time and accuracy.

You will receive:

  • Tailored Personal Coaching support

  • A comprehensive 6 page report

  • A video showing how the eyes move when reading, Identification of potential improvement in each skill area through a programme of exercise.

All this for:
AED 550
GBP 120
USD 150

Free with the full  Zing Programme

Online Class
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