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Our Journey to Success

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My proudest moment as a parent has been seeing both of my neurodivergent children move to independence, In the early days, I never actually believed that this was possible . Through my own journey, I have learned the importance of perseverance, self-care, self belief, and above all, belief in my children.

As a Neurodivergent Coach, I bring this personal experience and knowledge to my coaching practice. I work collaboratively with parents to develop understanding of their child's challenges, identify their parental  goals and priorities, and to develop customized strategies to help them achieve those goals.

While I am not a a clinical professional in the field, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience through my own personal journey as a parent. I understand the challenges of school  systems and local governance in the UK and the UAE, and,  the stress, frustration, and isolation that can come with raising a Neurodivergent child.


I am passionate about helping other parents navigate these challenges with grace and resilience.

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