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The Transformation Coaching Programme  for parents of neurodivergent children involves a process of supporting parents to identify and achieve their goals and aspirations for their children. The coaching process is designed to help parents navigate the challenges that arise when raising a neurodivergent child, while also focusing on their own personal growth and development.


The process typically begins with a discovery call, which is an opportunity for me and the parents to get to know each other and discuss the coaching process in more detail. During the discovery call, the I will ask questions to understand parents' specific needs and goals for their child and family.


After the discovery call, the coaching sessions begin. These sessions typically occur weekly for the first four weeks, and then fortnightly or monthly sessions as decided by the parents and dependent on their needs.


During the coaching sessions, I will use various tools and techniques to support parents in their journey. One such tool is the Wheel of Life, which helps parents to identify areas of their life that may require attention and improvement. The wheel is divided into different categories, such as health, family, career, and personal growth, and parents are asked to rate their level of satisfaction in each category. This exercise helps parents to gain clarity on where they would like to focus their attention and set goals for themselves.


I may also use other tools such as visualization exercises, journaling prompts, and mindfulness techniques to support parents in managing stress, building resilience, and improving their communication with their child.


Throughout the coaching process, I will work with parents to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that are aligned with their values and aspirations and provide ongoing support and accountability to help the parents stay on track and achieve their goals.

Overall, the incremental process of transformation coaching  is designed to be a partnership,  and a supportive journey that empowers parents to confidently navigate the challenges of raising a neurodivergent child whilst also focusing on their own personal growth and development.


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