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Building Resilience and Capability in Neurodivergent Children through Courageous and Compassionate Parenting


 ''I will speak for you, I will fight for you, I will advocate for you, so that one day, you can do it for yourself.'' ~ Unknown 

My Vision

Hi, my name is Karen Turner, and I have been parenting neurodivergent children for 36 years. 

I aim to provide compassionate and personalized services to parents of Neurodivergent children, helping them navigate the unique challenges of raising a child with different abilities. I believe in the power of advocacy, education self care and general wellbeing.  


My goal is to create a supportive and inclusive community where every parent is armed with the resources they need to support their child's growth and development,  to  feel understood, heard, and empowered to help their child achieve their full potential.

I do this through individual and group programmes with special focus on the needs of parents whose neurodivergent children  may have anxiety, be school refusers, have emotional and/or behavioural challenges, or are generally struggling through school. 


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My Journey as a Parent

As a parent, I have experienced many of the unique challenges that come with raising Neurodivergent children. I have navigated the complex and often overwhelming journey of advocating for my children's needs, managing behavior challenges, and working with schools to ensure that my children received the support they needed to thrive.


Meet Karen Turner

Karen founded iOptimizeMe as a result of personal tragedy and, to pay homage to her children's determination and courage.  Karen's focus is on bringing together well researched tools and techniques that actually work, to enable parents to support their children and help them realize their true potential.

  • Karen Turner CEO iOptimizeMe
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My  Mission

Using all the tools, knowledge and experience at my disposal,  I will compassionately help you to support your neurodivergent child to build skills for learning, develop emotional resilience, improve behaviour, and develop competence, and confidence, the foundations needed for the journey of life. 

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