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Discover the best version of you using Science Based Programmes

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Our programmes are suitable for anyone who wants to reach their full potential

We are the sum of our whole body and we therefore believe that the way to optimal health and happiness, is through a whole body approach. iOptimizeme offer powerful tools to enable you achieve your full potential.

This approach is centred around the brain.


Did you know that it is entirely possible to change the way we think, feel and act and learn new skills? We can do this by stimulating the brain to develop new stem cells and neural pathways in the brain which stimulate brain plasticity.  


Neuroplasticity occurs as a result of  learning, experience and memory formation. Learning new experiences cause new neural pathways to strengthen whereas neural pathways which are not used become weak and eventually die. 

At the core of what we do,  is the Zing Performance Programme Zing stimulates brain plasticity by creating stem cells and developing and strengthening neural pathways. We combine programmes to help you to optimize your potential. Our Zing programme is suitable for everyone, including children that struggle with learning. teens and adults in all walks of life, who are looking to enhance their learning and skills.

those who play sport and want to improve their game and older adults who want to maintain cognition and general wellbeing.


Overcome your limitations and reach your full potential

Do you want to be at the top of your game in business; to control of your emotions? To be less forgetful and more organized? Do you want to feel more confident? To perform at a higher level and be in control of your success? Is your child struggling in school? We can help you to rewire your brain for success in all areas of life. 

What can iOptimizeMe do for you?


Prepare your brain for new learning

The Zing Performance Programme is at the core of the mind body approach. Established in the UK and US, it is the only programme of its kind in the UAE and was developed by a team of specialists in the field of neuroscience and psychology.


Jed's Success Story

Jed used to be a troubled child who lacked confidence and spent his time at school looking out the window or having emotional melt downs. He couldn’t concentrate or follow instructions or focus on texts in school. He was the one left on the side line when other boys played soccer in the schoolyard, they used to call him “the cry baby”. We are so proud because after 3 months of doing Zing the teachers called us in to say that they had noticed great change in him. He was now playing soccer and concentrating. After 6 months Jed joined a karate club where he is performing at high level. In school we were called in because his national tests showed that he was now in the top 1 % in the country. Incredible.

Claire Purdy, Mother

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Why iOptimizeMe?

Realize your potential or help your child to reach theirs

iOptimizeMe offer scientifically based non-medical programmes that have their roots based in neuroscience. For children and teens at school, Adults of all ages and from all walks of lifeAthletes and anyone with an interest in General Wellbeing. We help everyone realise their true potential.